Announcing The Rawrycat Face Mask!

Our first product is finally here! Introducing the Rawrycat Face Mask! Inspired by a cat, designed for humans.

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Rawrycat Pet Products is proud to announce the Rawrycat Face Mask (for humans!). The current global situation has temporarily changed our plans of launching pet products, and we had to make a quick pivot to deliver a mask that offers superior comfort and style!

We will hopefully get back to our amazing pet products soon, but for now we are offering something just for humans!

The Rawrycat Face Mask is made of food grade silicone, and is designed to be better than your average mask. Our Patent-Pending design allows for maximum comfort while keeping you covered.

Dishwasher safe means it's easy to clean! You can wash with soapy water, dishwasher, or even an autoclave! Our Food Grade Silicone is designed for durability, reuse, and easy cleaning and care!

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 Rawrycat Filters are a 4-layer meltblown fabric with an outer liquid barrier.

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This is not a medical device, and is not intended for use in a clinical environment.