The Year Ahead For Rawrycat

Happy Mew Year! 🥳

Rawry, the Rawrycat Furresident

What a crazy year 2020 turned out to be! We wanted to take this opportunity to quickly look back at our first year in business, and offer a quick preview of the year to come.

Rawry performs a Formlabs 3D printer inspection

First, we have to thank our friends, fans, family, and customers (who are definitely a part of the Rawrycat family). We couldn't have done it without you. We started in the beginning of the year with hopes to launch our line of pet products in 2020. Unfortunately, our plans (much like everyone's) got sidelined by the crazy global pandemic.

Senior Meowngineer Rawry performs critical prototype analysis

So we decided to put our energy and creative talents into creating a new kind of mask. Not a cloth face mask or a disposable mask, but an innovative and brand new silicone face mask with disposable filter liners. You may know this as the Rawrycat Mask!

Rawry inspects the Rawrycat Mask photoshoot in progress

We went from concept to final product in under a year, thanks to the help of our trusty Formlabs 3D printer! We announced a brand new partnership with Formlabs as a result, and are now their newest (or should we say...mewest? 😹) Formlabs Ambassador!

Rawry inspects the Formlabs 3D printing lab

We also have to thank our brand designer and illustrator Lisa Jacobs for her outstanding work designing the Rawrycat Mask logo and packaging!

Rawrycat Mask package design by Lisa Jacobs Design

But now 2020 is over. And it's time for Rawrycat to return to our original plan: to deliver one-of-a-kind pet products. And oh boy do we have something special coming this year!

The nose of Rawrycat meowscot Rawry

We won't spoil the surprise, but you don't want to miss our very first pet product launch. Here's a hint: Rawry has a new favorite spot to sleep in! 🙀

Sneak Peak of Rawrycat's first pet product! Coming soon! #rawrycabin

Coming soon! Until then, we hope you have a wonderful Mew Year, enjoy your Rawrycat Masks, and make sure to stay safe!