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Who says masks have to be uncomfortable? Introducing a new kind of reusable face mask: The Rawrycat Mask.

Designed for comfort and style.

The Rawrycat Mask is made of Food Grade Dishwasher-Safe Silicone. The soft and lightweight face mask body attaches to our Soft-Touch 4-Layer Meltblown/Nonwoven Fabric Filters.


  • Reusable Face Mask - made of Food Grade and Dishwasher Safe SIlicone
  • Single-Use 4-Layer Meltblown/Nonwoven Fabric Filter
  • Six Color Options

Size Guide

    • Adult Mask approximately 5” from nose to chin.
    • Kids Mask approximately 4” from nose to chin. Not recommended for children under the age of 5.
    • One size fits most.

Designed In

New York, NY

Manufactured In

Guangdong, China


  • What's In The Box?

    • Single-Use Non-woven Fabric Filters (packs of 10, 50, or 100 quantity)
  • Shipping and Returns

    • All US Orders Ship Free
    • International Shipping Rates displayed at Checkout
    • All Face Mask and Face Mask Filters are non-returnable, due to the personal nature of Face Masks. Please contact support if you need help with your order.
  • Care and Use



Due to the personal health nature of Face Masks and the ongoing global pandemic, we are unable to offer any returns or refunds for Face Masks or Filters once shipped. Please review our Size Guide (above) carefully before purchasing!

We will try our best to help any customers who need help with placing an order or a previous order. Please e-mail us if you have any questions.  

Not a medical device. Not for use in a clinical environment. Patent Pending.

Return Policy for Face Masks and Filters

Due to the personal nature of Face Masks and Filters, they cannot be returned. If you have any issues with your order of a Face Mask and/or Filters, Please e-mail us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Romer A.
You got to try it.

I would recommend this mask to people and am always asked about it. Glad it's a 4-Layer fabric, up to standard for me! As long as your making, I'm buying more, though please try to strengthen the life of the ear loop bands.

Matthew A.Z.
Great product, perhaps could use a better seal

I like these masks a lot and the concept is fantastic. My wife and I are fully vaccinated but we still wear masks around whenever we go out. One thing that could be done better is instead of using earloops, the straps could go around the back of the head and around the back of the neck. In addition, the straps would need to be much thicker and more comfortable for that method. You can modify it now but cutting the straps and tying them across to the opposite side's straps to simulate an around the back of the head/neck configuration but it isn't ideal. For now we are using velcro straps to secure them around the back of the neck and that works ok to create a better seal over the nose/mouth than just using the ears which are a bit loose for our smaller features.

Margaret C.
Best Mask

I’m a mask snob at this point, I’ve tried just about every silicon mask on the market. This is my favorite! It’s really soft, hygienic, and still really breathable. I wear a mask 9hrs a day and I don’t think I would have survived without this. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it’s how I feel. I’ve since ordered more for friends.

Jess D.

This mask is so comfortable and so easy to wash. After I've been out with it, I just pop it in the dishwasher and it comes out as fresh as ever.

Mask stands out as a "why didn't someone think about this before" moment

Love mask, tons of asking "where did you get that". Simple to clean, filters awesome. Only downside, on my second order, I didn't get it in the mail, it was marked delivered, postman delivered it to another address, probably a neighbor. I enjoy the first one I bought tho, Thank You for making a fantastic mask.