Mask Instructions

Instructions for use

Filter Installation

  • Insert Filter into Mask (fig. 1) with blue side of Filter facing away from user.
  • Place Plastic Filter Clips into gasket and push “T”-shaped portion through the oval holes on both sides of gasket (fig. 2) until held firmly in place.
  • Tuck outer edge of Filter into gasket (fig. 3). Filter and Filter Clips should remain enclosed by gasket at all times when in use.
  • Used filters should be discarded within 24 hours of first use.

Wear Instructions

  • Place mask over your nose, mouth, and chin. Pull earloops behind ears, securing one at a time. Ensure mask is secured and doesn’t slip down your nose.
  • Adults should help small children with their mask and monitor them at all times when mask is in use.
Size Guide
  • Adult Mask approximately 5” from nose to chin
  • Kids Mask approximately 4” from nose to chin
  • One size fits most
How to Clean

Hand Wash

  • Wash Silicone Mask before first use and after each use.
  • Always remove filter from Silicone mask before washing.
  • Wash Silicone Mask in soapy water for 30 seconds and rinse thoroughly.
  • Ensure mask is completely dry before installing new filter.
  • Do not wash Filters. If a Filter becomes wet it should be discarded.


  • Silicone Mask and Filter Clips are dishwasher safe on medium cycle with mild detergent.
  • Remove Filter Clips from Filter before washing. Used Filters should be discarded.
  • Ensure Mask is dry before installing Filter.


  • Silicone Mask and Filter Clips are Autoclave compatible. Follow manufacturer instructions for autoclave use.