The Rawry Story: Transforming Homes and Comforting Pets

A New Approach to Pet Furniture

Tired of seeing pet furniture that clashes with your style or falls apart too soon? So were we. Rawry was born from a desire to solve these problems, inspired by a shelter cat named Rawry who deserved better than the drab options available.

Our Mission

At Rawry, we're on a mission to reimagine pet furniture. We create pieces that not only offer a comforting retreat for your anxious pet but also seamlessly integrate into your home's aesthetic. It's about combining function, style, and durability.

Why Rawry?

  • Stylish Solutions: No more choosing between your pet's comfort and your home's design. Our furniture is crafted to be loved by pets and admired by owners.
  • Built to Last: We're tired of throwaway pet products. Rawry pieces are durable, made with sustainable practices, and designed to be a permanent part of your home.
  • Pet Comfort: We understand pets need a safe space. Our designs cater to reducing pet anxiety, providing a cozy spot they can call their own.

Join the Rawry Family

Step up to a new standard of pet furniture. With Rawry, elevate your home decor while providing the ultimate comfort zone for your pet. Let's make every corner of your home a celebration of your pet's presence.

Our Commitment to You

  • Free US Shipping: Direct to your door, hassle-free.
  • Easy 30-Day Returns: Not satisfied? We make returns simple and straightforward.
  • Crafted with Care: From our small US-based team to your home, we're dedicated to quality in every piece.

Experience the Rawry difference. Your pet deserves a haven that doesn't compromise on style or durability – and we're here to deliver.