Luxe Cabin

The Best Pet Bed.

Designed to Reduce Anxiety in Cats and Dogs

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Beautiful design

"I have 3 cats, and they all absolutely love the Cabin. They use it to sleep, and to play. I love it too..."

Verified Review
Pia J.

Cabin 1 Boxes 0

"Whenever I got something for my cats, they would always prefer the box it came in instead. Until I got the cabin - now both of them are obsessed..."

Verified Review
Tina O.

My cat LOVES his Rawry cabin.

"He sleeps in it at night and takes naps during the day. He’s got toys in there with him, he hangs out there whenever I’m in the living room. He’s definitely a comfy kitty!"

Verified Review
Cynthia S.

Beautifully made, cozy cabin

"My cats love it, they'll try to squeeze in together simultaneously - any 3 of my cats are constantly using it..."

Verified Review
Kitana H.

Absolutely adorable

"All 5 of my cats took turns hopping into the cabin, they love it! It looks so amazing in our house, very well made and super easy to assemble."

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Assembles In Minutes

No Tools Needed

Built to Last

Handcrafted With Love

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