The Rawry Story

It all started with a cat

From Shelter Cat to Icon

Rawry's origins beyond the shelter are unknown. But one Summer day a few years ago, Rawrycat Pet Products founder David Reichmann stumbled into an animal shelter and had his entire world changed. Rawry walked right up to him, rubbed up against his leg, and it was love at first sight.

When David walked into a pet shop the next day to prepare his home for Rawry's arrival, he noticed how difficult it was to select beautiful pet products which would serve as accent pieces in the home. But that didn't stop him from walking out with two shopping carts full of litter, food, toys, scratchers, cat beds, and much more. As the checked out the cashier commented, "This is going to be the most spoiled cat in history." Little did they know.

Rawrycat Pet Products Cat Logo
Although Rawry is the inspurration (and Furresident, Senior Meowngineer, and Chief of Seat Stealing) for Rawrycat Pet Products, Rawry also served as a test subject for David's photography for years before the brand was fully established.

About Our Founder

Rawrycat Founder David Reichmann with Formlabs 3D Printing Lab and Rawry the cat

David has been a photographer since a young age (you can check out his work here), trained by his father Andre Reichmann (who not only is an internationally acclaimed photographer, but also has more than 7 patents of his own from a career of inventing!), David has always loved photography.

As David and Rawry began to bond, Rawry became the chief test subject whenever David had to test a new lens, light, or camera for his wedding photography. Eventually David had a stockpile of too many beautiful photos of Rawry to keep them to himself. That's when David realized Rawry needed not only her own Instagram account and logo, but her own brand.

In 2020, David and Rawrycat were chosen as Formlabs Ambassadors. Rawrycat's Formlabs Form 3 3D Printer was essential in the rapid development process for the Rawrycat Mask.

Our vision of delivering superior pet products is still the prime focus of our endeavors (after all, it is called Rawrycat Pet Products), but the Global Coronavirus Pandemic halted our research and development operations temporarily as we pivoted towards designing a one of a kind face mask (which you can purchase here). We are still working to deliver excellent pet products, and hope to be able to share those with you soon!


David (the human) and Rawry (the cat)